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What's ChicoHost ?
ChicoHost is a project for manage room hosting from dedicated server.
The project is currently under development but you can still sign up to be moderator of server and be able to launch a room.
For this go to member section to register and wait for an admin reviews your case.
Remember : Come play to the server, for see if you can be an trusted admin, and maybe get right for launch room on ChicoHost.

U can visit aberHax my friend Website, who have same project than me.
In server link, you can now use Token generator & checker

When you go on servers, and want get admin from another moderator, you can go to token generator, for get a random key, and then after tell him to the others moderators, they can go to check your token, and then they can be sure it's you and not a fake.
Merci a vous
Je tenais a vous remercier, pour votre perceverance face aux bug.